Carpet Scrubber

Carpet is a great floor covering that provides warmth, beauty, and insulation from the cold. To keep it looking good, it needs to be scrubbed regularly whenever a spill occurs or dirt is drug inside. There are different ways to do this – with carpet cleaners that use shampoo and brushes or with a dry carpet scrubber.

Steam is an important component of the wet method of cleaning carpets. Most modern machines heat the water and produce steam while they release shampoo and their brushes rotate to literally scrub the carpet. There is usually a water extractor that is also built into the machine that is used as the last step in the cleaning process. The extractor sucks up all of the dirty water back into the carpet scrubber. There is evidence that it works because you can see the dirty water filling up one of the compartments in the carpet cleaner. Without the extraction process, much of the dirty water would stay in the carpet. In addition, it could take days to dry in a damp or humid environment.

Carpet ScrubberOne of the potential problems with steam scrubbers is that they can get the carpet padding wet, and this can cause mold to grow. In addition, very hot water or steam in these scrubbers can break down carpet fibers that are not made to be exposed to extreme temperatures. It is also possible that a carpet may appear to be crushed down when steam is used because of the fiber breakdown. This affects the look of the carpet and the way the pile stands up.

The other type of carpet scrubber is a dry scrubber. These machines use an environmentally friendly dry material that acts much like a sponge. Some companies use 100 percent plant-based products that absorb dirt deep in the carpet. They claim that their method of dry scrubbing is healthier because it cleans more thoroughly by dissolving oil and sticky residue that attracts dirt to the carpet fibers. In addition, the companies who will come to your home to professionally dry scrub your carpet say that the dirt will not return for a long time because they have removed the residue from the carpet.

Professional dry scrubbing companies also say that detergent or shampoo remains on the carpet fibers as the carpet dries. This is what actually causes carpets cleaned with a wet method to attract more dirt. Dirt, dust, pet dander, and other things that are not wanted on carpets actually cling to the detergent residue. The way to eliminate this problem is to clean with a dry method.

Dry carpet scrubbers are definitely a popular trend in today’s carpet cleaning market – both in professional cleaning and in home carpet scrubbers. The reason for this is because the public is more aware than ever of environmental dangers in the home. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency stated that indoor air pollution is among the top environmental risks that people face. The average person spends about 90 percent of their time indoors, and there can be substantially more pollutants and mold inside than in the outdoors. Today’s consumers realize that carpet that is damp fosters the growth of bacteria and mold which are both dangerous, especially for those who suffer from allergies or asthma.

According to the most recent discoveries about steam cleaning or wet scrubbing, dry scrubbing with a completely safe, plant-based sponge-like material seems to make the most sense. The prices for steam or dry cleaning machines are similar and both are available in a wide range of abilities and durability. Cleaning products are also very much alike for both types of machines.